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Why do we educate about noise and hearing?

Noise has become an unavoidable part of our lives – in the street, at work, at school, in day-care, at concerts, in the rehearsal room and many other places. The noise problem is escalating, but most people – adults as well as children – rarely or never think about the constant harmful effect of noise.

It is important that children are made aware of the detrimental effects of noise as early as possible. Hearing damage, stress and reduced learning abilities are just a few of the problems that arise in a poor sound environment. Day care centres and schools in particular are unfortunately seriously affected. The number of hearing damages reported by teachers and child-carers is steadily on the rise and more and more pupils experience speech problems because of noise.

NEW WAVE provides educational packages for schools and kindergartens regarding:

  • Hearing and hearing loss risk
  • Noise and noise pollution
  • Noise’s impact on people and their health
  • What we can do to prevent and reduce risk of permanent loss of hearing
  • How to create a better learning environment

To Whom It May Concern;

Re: NEW WAVE- european Hearing Solutions

Daniel and Petter from NEW WAVE have provided hearing screening at our international school in Shanghai since 2010.

Both Daniel and Petter demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, dependability and skill. They always go the extra mile to ensure their clients are thoroughly assessed and receive appropriate follow up. Their clients are treated with respect for culture, age, values, beliefs, and personal privacy at all times.

Daniel and Petter also demonstrate their extensive skill based and commitment to health education by providing comprehensive and interactive science lessons on hearing and the dangers of noise for students of varying age groups.

I would recommend NEW WAVE to educational organisations as well as individual clients.


Kate Coleman
International School Nurse