I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the outstanding service I received from your company and I would recommend your service to anyone. My hearing has vastly improved and improved my quality of life considerably. I have never witnessed such a competent and caring service, the like of which you provide. Nothing has been too much for you and I am indebted to you for your caring approach and exceptional customer focus.

(Hearing aids supplied were ReSound LIVE 571 BTE.)

Zhang Yu Fang

The new hearing aids are working absolutely great. I am very pleased with their performance; they are a huge improvement over my old ones. The open fitting works well and I can actually use a mobile phone without taking the hearing aids out, which I could never do with the old ones. Many thanks!

(Hearing aids supplied were ReSound Alera 761 with remote control.)

Michael Carman

Petter Buvik Vibe fitted my current hearing aids, ReSound Alera 961 and his selection of the product was spot on. He has provided an excellent level of after sale service, right down to understanding my problems. He is friendly and deals with queries and problems very promptly.

Christa Kroger Wang

I would just like to say how great my new hearing aids is, I can hear things I never could without hearing aids. The directional microphones and noise cancellation works great. Thank you very much for providing me such good service and also so cheap batteries

(Hearing aid supplied is ReSound Essence 70DVI BTE)

Wang Bo Yang

Hello Petter,

I am currently in Germany and went out clubbing on Friday. The ear plugs have been great and worked fine. The whole experience was great: I was able to talk to my friends, listen to the music, and enjoy the evening without much worrying. In fact, ever since I have also been to a few clubs here in Shanghai, which are extremely loud such as M2, and the protection from the ear plugs proved extremely effective! So, I am very satisfied with the ear plugs and the 38db protection.

Thank you very much for your professional advice! :)

Sasa Saric

I'm working as a bartender at the Beaver in DongPing rd. This is a very busy music bar which sometimes is very noisy. Before I started using NEWWAVE's custom made ear plugs, I sometimes got headache and ringing in my ears during work. After I started using NEW WAVE's custom made ear plugs, the noise is less tiring, and I can still communicate with the customers. I recommend using custom made earplugs to everybody who is working in noisy environment and who wants to protect their hearing.

Thank you for great service and professional guidance!


I've sometimes been having problem with ear infections after swimming. Since the water in my local swimming pool is quite cold and sometimes very dirty, I always wear Pluggerz Swim. After I started using the ear plugs I have never had problems with ear infections and my ear canals are always dry. Pluggerz Swim is very comfortable wearing and I even use them when I'm showering.

Thank you for recommending PLuggerz for me!

Anna Harper