Interview with Song Xiaobo

Interviewer: Thank you for agreeing to speak with us for a few moments today. I know you have suffered from profound hearing loss since you were born, can you please tell us more about your hearing situation?

Song Xiaobo: I was born with hearing loss and unfortunately I didn't get any professional assistance early enough, so, even if I wear the hearing aids, my daily communication still requires lip-reading and sign language.

Interviewer: Today you were fitted with two GN Resound Alera 9 hearing aids. Could you please tell us, what is your first impression?

Song Xiaobo: First of all I want to express my deepest gratitude to NEW WAVE- european hearing solutions for very professional services they have provided me with. The hearing tests, hearing aids selection and then fitting the selected devices was very professional and I must say I am very impressed by NEW WAVE's standards and the way how the audiologists approach the patient.

There is a big difference between my old hearing aids and the new one Daniel has fitted for me. With my new Alera 9 hearing aids I can easily localize the sound, the speech is much clearer and the sound quality is much better too. All the above makes the listening less tiring for me, which is very important for every hearing impaired person.

Interviewer: What about the wireless accessories? Do you find them helpful?

Song Xiaobo: Sure! This is the first time when I can actually hear the sound of the text message or the phone ringing directly in my hearing aids. I believe that phone clip and remote microphone can be a big improvement both in my work and private life.

Interviewer: The last question. As you know there are still many people who have hearing loss, but are very reluctant to wear the hearing aids. Do you have any advice for them?

Song Xiaobo: Yes. I do understand that a lot of people in China refuse to try hearing aids for many reasons. Actually I was one of them myself, but now I regret it. If I have only fitted hearing aids when I was a child, I could benefit from my hearing devices even more. I could have a normal childhood and wouldn't have to struggle for such a long time.

I understand now the importance of hearing and that properly fitted hearing aids are crucial in enhancing the quality of your life. The most important is to select the professional hearing care center and simply make an appointment with the audiologist. Please do not wait with fitting hearing aids, as the earlier you get them the better the outcome will be.

Interviewer: Thank you for the interview and good luck!

Song Xiaobo: Thank you!