Prof Dr. Sprinzl

Medical Tourism

NEWWAVE-european hearing solutions is working together with the Medimplant24 and the best hospital in Europe to help our patients with severe and profound hearing loss. We organize the entire stay in Austria including the accommodation at 5 star hotel.

We cooperate exclusively with experienced, international ENT surgeons and medical professionals. The cochlear implantation surgery as well as the follow-up assistance and the mapping services are carried out in a specialized Austrian ENT hospital - University Hospital St. Pölten.

After our patients are back from Austria we take care of all the Audiology Services including:

  • Cochlear implants mapping
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Speech-language evaluation
  • Post-implant communication assessment
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance

Our ENT surgeon – Prof Dr. Sprinzl has an experience of around 1000 implants surgeries including over 300 bilateral cases for infants!

Prof Sprinzl is known as a worldwide expert in hearing implants with practical experience in over 30 foreign countries. He is a head of the ENT department of the university-clinic of St.Pölten in Austria.

Prof. Sprinzl  was the first surgeon to perform Vibrant Soundbridge implantation in China.

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